So Tim Unwin asks for a link to a web page about me… oh god, better make one. Who am I?

Late 30’s internet chancer… dot com survivor. In the business since 1996, when I founded ‘Azura’ one of London’s first web marketing agencies in a mews office in Candid Arts Centre, Torrens St. Spent two years selling and developing naiive but funky marketing campaigns and web sites for Virgin Records, Eastern Electricity, British Gas and various environmental NGO’s.

After two years on the edge running my own company, I thought it worth learning the ropes through experience at an agency so did a stint running Disney Online Europe’s account at TMSi developing and marketing 15 localised European home-pages for the Mouse (Disney.co.uk/.de/.es/.fr/ etc).

This was followed by two and a half delirious  years at Carlton TV/ITV as the dot com bubble exploded around me – presented a TV series, launched Carlton’s TV properties on the web, developed e-commerce relationships with the likes of British Airways and WH Smith, won several industry awards and generally had a great time until I jumped to join a very fancy boutique agency who went under just after I joined and as the bubble burst. Night fell on the industry (as did the twin towers) and I learned many lessons about how I felt about my career, the rewards I was seeking, self belief and… debt.

After a long 9 months searching for direction (and some fun little consultancy contracts), BBC Worldwide Interactive Learning offered me a job running www.Open2.net – the OU/BBC broadcast support portal where I was honoured to work with the likes of Colin Pillinger, John Zarnecki, Derek Matravers, and the army of intellectual giants that beaver away at the leafy Milton Keynes campus. Our dedicated team created nearly a hundred great support, e-learning, and WP/outreach sites and online communities for (among others):

– OU’s missions to Mars and Saturn’s moon Titan – including OB broadcast presence at the ESA’s HQ in Darmstadt.

– Child of our Time – five year long project to research todays experiences of childhood from a academic psychological perspective consisting of public participatory surveys and tests completed by over half a million people.

Other projects managed while with BBCWIL include:

TESSA (Teacher Education in Sub-Saharan Africa) – an ambitious OER project allowing teachers across the continent to download, adapt and share education resources, the system is built on Moodle and AlFresco and localised in a dozen languages. The site was built and designed by 3Mice, Nairobi.

– FSCE Resource Bank – a consultative led OER publishing project on CDROM and intranet. Sourced over 150 hours of free learning materials and media manipulation tools for use in Ethiopian Learning Centres.

– Science Horizons – a UK wide, government sponsored, public dialogue project on the future direction for science policy (issues such as stem cell research, an ageing population, HCI, etc). Featuring a community and Flash simulations.

– Oracle 4Sight exec development programme – on online CPD platform for top Oracle executives in partnership with IESE and Cranfield management schools. Residential elements of the programme took us to Bled and Barcelona where we carried out interviews with the participants.

Attended and participated at various conferences across Europe and Africa including BETT and EDUCA.

After nearly 7 years with the BBC, it was time for a change (although I cherish the contacts made there). Since then I have:

– Managed the development of the OER and user generated content elements of Times Education Supplement web site http://www.tes.co.uk.

– Contracted as management consultant to British Medical Association on the development and launch of worldwide community and social network for medical professionals.

I am currently leading the design and UE workstreams of BSkyB’s eSales system; See, Speak, Surf…


Well, thats something… I’ll organise this some more later.


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