Went back and had a look at the BBC WIL project Science horizons I co-devised and ran back in 2007 in partnership with DEMOS and Dialogue by Design. It was commissioned by the Department of Innovation, Universities and Skills’ (DIUS) Sciencewise public engagement programme as a look at what the UK public wanted from science policy in the future through a series of national conversations and experiential scenarios.

The results of the sciencehorizons programme were unveiled at the BA Festival of Science in York on 12th September 2007. It is part of the Government’s ongoing work to gauge the public’s views about particular issues well in advance of policymaking decisions.

Minister for Science and Innovation, Ian Pearson, said:

“I spend a lot of time thinking about what the world will be like in 2025 and how we will live our everyday lives. It helps with thinking about how policy needs to move forward. For instance, I can’t believe most homes won’t have smart meters and energy management systems by then – and probably intelligent fridges too. This public discussion represents a new, different way of talking with the public about science and technology – finding out people’s hopes, fears and ideas on a range of topics.

The Guardian reported it here


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