Finally after what I must confess has been a rather challenging and at times fractious programme, I am delighted and relieved that Sky’s Online Commerce Platform (OCP) sales funnel has begun its scaled launch. This is Sky’s central prospect/existing customer aquisition/upgrade sales site and will, we hope, significantly improve sales and reduce support/call centre costs.

I have been, for the last 9 months or so, engagement-leading the UX and design for their internal creative agency. It’s been a triumph of grit, determination for quality, and diplomacy for the team of (at it’s height) 15 or so working in deep synchronous agile partnership with the development department. They did great in difficult circumstances.

Lessons from the project, and there have been many, on reflection, centre around strategic clarity at the business requirements and briefing stage, clarity on engagement with the client’s rather febrile at times, internal delivery department, and the sustaining power of the limitless supply of Glacier Fruits. In fact Glacier Fruits got us through.

As I say, its on scaled launch so it will only appear for some visitors for the first few days, others will see the old site. I am not, in any of this, particularly suggesting anyone actually needs any more telly in their life.

Oli took a couple of pics of a section of our wall…


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