Threebillion looks at youth culture (and by default, hugely focus on digital… but in the way it fits into life)… in their words:

“There are three billion people under twenty-five on this planet…now that’s half the worlds population.

The youth sector is stuck in a nasty dichotomy. Simply, you don’t have 14 year olds working in marketing departments and you don’t have marketing directors hanging out in schools. So how is business to understand young culture? threebillion is interested in two things; firstly how companies are trying to sell their products to young people and secondly what are young people from around the world actually doing.

threebillion is a blog and a link-feed delivering must-know information for people trying to sell to, connect with or just understand young people. The aim of threebillion is to be the best information source for the business behind youth culture.”

Massively important work… if the e-learning community aren’t on to this they are missing the biggest trick since I slept through Paul Daniels at the London Apollo.


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