Finally, after a 5am start, and the feeling I may be fighting something off, we are through the first day in a cold and christmassy Berlin. I am staying at the Savoy which is a real throwback to smoky hotels of the 1900’s… The kind of place one’s grandparents would have stayed back in 1970. I quite like it, although they don’t get high marks on the provision of ironing facilities – why do I always have this trouble? Am I the only one who doesn’t iron shorts in advance of trips abroad? The shirts just get creased up in the luggage and you have to do them again.

Anyway, its been a quiet-ish day actually, with two interviews so far; Dale Sheenan of Interpol (who was talking about the benefits of e-learning in a security and enforcement environment, and used to be a Canadian Mountie – there’s something very cool about that) and Helen Keegan from University of Salford (who is advising students on managing digital ID and another ambassador for a more open, media friendly education system)… Podcasts should be available on the website soon, as long as they get through the slightly up and down internet access.

Tomorrow is when the fun really starts. I’m off to catch up on some sleep.


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