It’s Sunday evening, and if you need something to remind you why you should feel good about going off to work before it gets light tomorrow morning, take a look at this first hour long episode of ‘The Virtual Revolution’, BBC2’s four part series on how the web has changed our lives, and you too can learn how Africa may be the next frontier and why Harrogate leads the UK in certain digital behaviours… Its blatantly feelgood, but should be fun to follow over the next four weeks.


‘Twenty years on from the invention of the World Wide Web, Dr Aleks Krotoski looks at how it is reshaping almost every aspect of our lives. Joined by some of the web’s biggest names – including the founders of Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, Apple and Microsoft, and the web’s inventor – she explores how far the web has lived up to its early promise.

In the first in this four-part series, Aleks charts the extraordinary rise of blogs, Wikipedia and YouTube, and traces an ongoing clash between the freedom the technology offers us, and our innate human desire to control and profit.


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