Personalisation, mobile, collaboration, corporates – JISC share their top innovations in e-learning, some brilliant examples…

  • Bringing technology to the learner Gloucestershire College of Arts and Technology
  • Supporting personalised learning University of Birmingham
  • Active collaborative learning University of Strathclyde
  • Mobile learning and teaching with PDAs Dewsbury College, Thomas Danby College and Bishop Burton College
  • Changing to a wireless world Ealing, Hammersmith and West London College
  • Designing flexible learning spaces Northumbria University
  • Building the 21st century college North Hertfordshire College.

The development of the ‘Innovative Practice with e-Learning’ case studies was made possible by the work of this team, and by the practitioners and institutions whose practice they represent. The video clips have been filmed and edited by the Media and Learning Technology Service of the University of Edinburgh.

The e-Learning Pedagogy programme has produced a number of templates37 for documenting and reflecting e-learning practice which have been used in the capture of this material.

More on the Innovation in E-learning programme here.


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