Groundswell and Harvard Business Review launch this cool little test/tool thingy which allows you to score your social media projects by their value against the effort needed to make them happen.

‘Our new book Groundswell HEROes is about highly empowered and resourceful operatives (that’s you, if you’re considering, building, or managing a technology project that touches customers). As we reviewed these projects, we realized that people often have difficulty up front in identifying just what they are about to get themselves into. It’s not just the value for customers that’s in question, and it’s not just the technical effort. It’s the political effort — all the people who have a stake and try to stop you or help you (or “help” you).

We devote a whole chapter to this, and we’ve also developed a tool for measuring projects. Answer a few questions, and then the tool tells you if the effort is in line with the expected value, and whether you’ve generated a cute little idea (class 1) or a major “shadow IT” effort (class 4). We call it a value-effort evaluation (VEE score).’

Try it out here


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