Here Leo Babauta tries and achieves the seemingly unthinkable… to wean off Google products in a day and remain a fully functioning human being. Possible? See for yourself… Food for thought in a world of changed rules around dominant brands and possible over-reliance on information services and the cloud.

‘Are we too reliant on Google’s services? As long-time readers know, I love Google’s products and use them daily, as they’re absolutely the best I’ve tried in their categories: Google search, Gmail, Google Chrome browser, Google Reader, Google Calendar, Google Docs, Picasa, mostly.

But is it dangerous to give all our information and to rely so completely on one corporation? Should we be worried? Should we be looking for alternatives? Should we be moving our data out of Google as soon as possible?’

I’m not sure about that, but the nature of the evolution of online services is that they come and go and that we should be aware that we need to be able to be nomadic with our digital selves – able to up sticks and move on if necessary.

Nice article with some decent suggestions for non-Googly alternatives to search, webmail, calendar, etc…


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