Don’t get mad, get involved in the debate… 38degrees offers the chance to get involved in the online discussions around the rather-dodgy-in-parts upcoming Digital Economy bill. I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for it to make a huge difference, and the parliamentary schedule that I have seen squeezes the cross-party discussion into a tiny slot just before where the election will probably fall in mid May, but either way, its good to see this kind of thing open for business.

The Bill has suffered from huge manipulation by lobbyists, including insertion of entire new clauses at the behest of music lobbyists the BPI, and accusations that Lords amended the Bill without declaring their interests.

The Bill still includes highly controversial measures to disconnect families from the internet after allegations of copyright infringement. There are as yet unknown measures to block websites, with the potential for censorship. Such measures should not be rushed through during ‘wash up.

Harriet Harman, as Leader of the Commons has the power to recommend the Parliamentary timetable. That’s why we are asking for her to guarantee that the Bill receive full, line by line scrutiny. Nothing less will do. Take action now – email Harriet. It’ll take you less than 2 minutes. Just click “participate” to get started.

I am off to rant on there right now… (thanks to Justine for the headzup)


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