With a general election looming 6th May (announced this week – how I wish I had gone to the bookies back in January), these guys have launched a neat (if not slightly depressing) web site where you can measure the value of your vote against the marginality of your constituency seat. As you can see, St Albans – my manor – offers little chance of change (certainly well below the national average). The English are a complex and fickle electorate which only sharpens the fact that our parties tend to be long on rhetoric and short on radical standpoint that truly sets them apart from one another.

Enter your constituency and see if its worth taking the day off to vote… rather than taking the day off to something more useful like touring local garden centres and putting in some pretty bedding plants for the summer – an activity which with a national turnout of around 60% , and rather tragically, we English seem to see as far more of a core national duty…


One thought on “dom-ocracy

  1. Fascinating that St Albans is statistically such a safe seat, yet the Lib Dems talk as if it is theirs to lose. From tables I’ve seen, the constituency is actually more of a Labour target than a Lib Dem one – of course it was a Labour seat in the early Blair years, and it’s never been a Lib Dem one.
    Some Tories might well vote for UKIP, disappointed as they are with the sleaze-affected Anne Main, and that might well reduce the Tory vote enough for someone else to get in. We Greens are also hoping for a decent showing, having not stood in the constituency at a general election before.
    My personal prediction is that, with the Cam-Factor in play in an already-Tory seat, Anne Main will win.

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