This is one for the diary… The battle of ideas 2010 will be a two-day festival of high-level, thought-provoking debate organised by the Institute of Ideas and hosted by the Royal College of Art. Interesting people and the fact that its in October might mean I make time to make it. Thanks to Sharmini for this.

Some article links:

Whoever wins, Britain will have a hung parliament
Size isn’t everything – history shows that it takes more than a majority of members of parliament to make a strong and purposeful government.
Mick Hume, spiked, 10 March 2010

Parliament Heal Thyself
Parliament vote through technical reforms to reconnect with the voting public.
Stuart Wilks-Heeg, openDemocracy, 5 March 2010

The Zombies of Westminster
Cameron’s team sees itself as the good guys but, viewed from the outside, the whole system is decomposing.
Rafael Behr, New Statesman, 4 March 2010

Why Vote? A guide for those who can’t be bothered Why Vote? argues that people today are far from apathetic in fact, they care passionately about a wide range of issues. The problem is making them see the relevance of the political process to their lives. Jo Phillips & David Seymour, Biteback, 4 March 2010

The state of an ambivalent nation
Polling reveals deep public ambivalence about the upcoming election and a disintegration of faith in the mainstream political parties.
Stuart Wilks-Heeg and David Ells, openDemocracy, 2 March 2010

The BNP’s appeal to those left behind
Defeating the BNP needs more than a press strategy. It needs politicians to address their abandonment of the working class
James Bethell, Guardian Comment is free, 26 February 2010

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