I simply must give props to this… I have recently discovered that my old friend and huge intellect, Ben Ramalingham, currently with the Overseas Development Institute, has a blog – Aid on the Edge of Chaos which explores systems thinking and complexity in international development and aid. It’s brilliantly written and researched and deserves your time… He is also open to contributions from interested writers on the subject and is currently editing and researching a book.

As he says:

Aid on the Edge of Chaos is a new blog which aims to provide the latest, up-to-date information on initiatives, meetings and reports related to complexity sciences and international aid.

It is hoped that the blog will provide a means for connecting up the emerging community of practitioners interested in alternatives to linear, mechanistic approaches to development.

From time to time, ideas and reflections will be shared on the blog with the aim of generating productive online conversation and discussion. Contributions are welcome from those with experience and insights on how aid agencies might better take account of the ideas of complexity science in aid policy and practice. Think pieces should be no longer than 1500 words long (maximum), and be written in  a clear and accessible style for a general audience.


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