cScape, Econsultancy and Ultraspeed have joined forces for this year’s Annual CE Report. This is the 5th report in the series and, like the previous 4, contains a goldmine of insight and expert analysis from some of the foremost professionals across the fields of digital consulting and analytics.  This year’s survey has had a near record-breaking response of over 1000 participants from across the world (34% outside the UK) and sees the introduction of some exciting new faces to the contributor roster including Steve Kennedy, Dave Chaffey and Jerry Michalski.

Highlights from this years’ report include:

–          A dramatic increase in companies’ engagement with social media, not only in the form of listening, but increasingly using it as a customer services channel

–          A consolidation of initiatives to empower employees in large multinational organisations to take responsibility for individual customer enquiries and relationships

–          The continued influence of consumer ‘people power’ which has levelled the playing field considerably for SME’s with smaller media spends: provide a great service, do good, and get known amongst a dynamic, chattering customer community.

Edited and compiled by yours truly, you can register for it here.


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