As I haven’t posted here in a while, having been busy the last few weeks with an intranet discovery and strategy project for a global brewer, I thought I would share a selection of completely non-work related things which have had me inspired, thinking or simply drooling over, this last few weeks. So, sit down with a hot cup of tea, and enjoy…

First off, Alan Sailer finds interest in breaking things and capturing the moment on film with a home-made flash set up which only cost him $300. Wonderful photos of ordinary things in extraordinary contexts…

If you are spending time with kids this weekend, mix construction with human biology in the coolest way possible: Lego skeletal anatomy, the skulls are particularly cute, we thought…

Seen the roof at the British Museum in London? Well NEY & Partners (architects) take the concept a step further with their amazing project at the Netherlands Maritime Museum. Most effective in the dark. Fabulous.

We like being kept awake for the occasional late one at the office and Anne Dahlin inspired us with this novel take on displaying ingredients on packaging design for a range of energy drinks

Closer to home, Camberwell’s Lulu Guiness has installed a life-size one of those pin-art toys at St John’s Gate as part of Clerkenwell Design Week which has been going on around us the last few days right here in Farringdon.

Furniture shopping this weekend? Skip IKEA and try this… makes that hall console table something you wouldn’t want to leave in the hall!

The commute has been eased this month by a couple of good reads, notably Jaron Lanier’s ‘You Are Not a Gadget’… I do feel I was slightly late to this party but nonetheless a still very relevant exploration of the arguments against our desensitization by the overuse of social media and how ‘open’ culture might be driving us down to the lowest common denominator.

http://monome.org/ make wooden controller units for middle aged knob twiddlers (like me!) which control a variety of rather odd and arcane software sound sources which they also create from a house full of cats on the west coast. These wooden cased simple interfaces consist of a continuous knob controller with LED feedback and a button grid layout. Yes they are beautiful,  expensive, and utterly impractical –  but watch this video and I challenge you not to want one…

And finally this music video for Eskmo’s ‘Cloudlight’ from his current album… one of the most interesting and evocative tracks I have heard this year. Something to help the concentration…


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