The Customer Enagegement Club has launched a new series of podcasts where I meet and interview some of the keynote speakers from their Director’s Forum events. We kick off this month with two great discussions from November’s Measuring Engagement Director’s Forum event:

Simon Russell (Head of Multichannel, John Lewis) shares the John Lewis approach to multichannel customer experience and tells up why transparency is important in winning customers whether online or in store. He makes the very valid point that providing openness regarding price comparisons from competing retailers is better to do in store, where you can sell the benefits of your value added, than forcing them away to do it at home.

Michael Blastland (freelance journalist) tells us not to immediately trust the numbers and how the human mind can be frail and inaccurate in its recognition of ‘patterns’ which may not be there. He tells of how the media can be guilty of creating and fanning misinformation and why you should seriously consider hiring a good statistician at a senior level within your organisation.

More here.


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