Once again it was great to spend some time in Berlin at Online EDUCA at the start of this month. Its a refreshing getaway from the day to day to remind you why it was we chose this career path, and see what a world of colleagues, competitors and partners are doing. As usual the insight and inspiration was found both in and out of the conference sessions – so much of OEB is about socialising and meeting new friends and old.

This year I was interviewing keynote speakers, exhibitors and participants again (see a short cut of the output below) and also chaired a session on the challenges of delivering learning in organisations across cultural boundaries. It was an interesting discussion – we attempted to understand what these boundaries might be, exploring how they might be interpreted beyond simply geographical and departmental. I was joined by three terrific panelists who presented and discussed these issues eloquently. My thanks goes out to them:

David Mallon, Bersin & Associates, USA
Corporate Learning Goes Borderless: The New Practices of a High-Impact Learning Culture

Virpi Slotte, AAC Global, Finland
Towards Internationalising Online Learning Service – Experiences About 40 Languages

Marion Bruhn-Suhr, University of Hamburg, Germany
Bridging Cultures Through Joint Learning Experiences

You can see the video below:


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