Here’s a link to the online webinar I gave today with Andy Davies from True Clarity to a good turnout on the Marketing Week webinar series circuit. As a support to my white paper I launched today on the strategic framework to personalisation, this webinar summarises some of the steps from this paper, and looks at a couple of case studies from easyJet and Natural World Safaris.

Whitepaper blurb:

cScape and leading CMS vendor Sitecore have teamed up to publish a new white paper into the exciting emerging world of web site personalisation.

‘Get Geared up for Personalisation: Creating the Perfect First Impression’ provides a detailed strategic yet practical framework for identifying and realising your approach to creating personalised experiences for your web site visitors.

Created by one of the UK’s first digital customer engagement departments set up within a digital agency, this guide is aimed at the digital marketer or marketing team within organisations who are looking to improve their customer’s experience online, specifically:

  • Define what the ‘perfect digital customer experience’ should be for your online presence
  • Identify the key stages in your customer’s online journey
  • Develop practical and evolving user personas
  • Automate and act at every touchpoint (both onsite and across the social space)
  • Create an actionable approach to measuring success

Calling upon the expertise of experienced digital strategists and marketers, including practical advice from Sitecore themselves, this free white paper is a peice of knowledge you don’t want to miss.

You can access the white paper itself here.

We were doing this via phone and listening now I would suggest you turn the sound down… I’m rather shouty…

Access the recorded webinar here.


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