Finally, after many weeks and late nights of research across industry sectors from across the globe, and valuable consultation with experts and luminaries from the world of digital, technology and organisational change, I am delighted to announce the completion and launch of the 2012 Digital Customer Engagement Report.

Big thanks to support from Sitecore, Customer Engagement Network, and all the contributors who helped, plus the great teams at SparkInteractive and ClerksWell.

You can download the 2012 Digital Customer Engagement Report here. DEC_Survey2012_online.pdf

Summary and ‘Six Lessons’:

With organisations increasingly turning to digital channels to deliver marketing, engagement and customer service, we have focused 2012’s report on the whole customer experience, and the role that digital is playing in a competitive and challenging marketplace. Complete with an array of insightful commentaries from leading figures across the world of digital marketing, organisational change and specific audience sectors, it is a not to be missed opportunity to grow your understanding of the ‘state of digital’ in 2012. In advance of the official release date, we thought we would share a few key insights from the report:

1 – Make things personal

The report points to a significant increase in interest in providing content experiences for visitors to your website. We know that companies like easyJet have seen increases of 20% in conversions since utilising the personalisation functionality of Sitecore.

2 – Automate your online marketing response

The research shows that companies are seeing huge potential in automating marketing responses through digital channels but many are unsure of how to most effectively implement this.

3 – Analytics are collected, but poorly understood and acted upon

Many companies, while collecting data on user behaviours and conversion data, are still struggling to build effective frameworks for turning insight into action. How are you tackling this issue?

4 – Blockers still exist

Despite the fact that digital is now embedded across many aspects of the organisation and a lead route to market and enduring effective customer relationships, there are still significant hurdles to full digital maturity. The three top blockers are:

    1. Sufficient resources, time and resulting understanding to ensure digital is most effectively used
    2. Investment in and effective reporting of analytics enabling a complete view of the customer journey
    3. A lack of robust framework for sharing successes and lessons learned across particularly large enterprises. Digital is still seen as a silo or department, when it is increasingly a feature of every line of business.

5 – Investment continues to grow

Driving customer engagement and building this single customer view is a top priority for smart successful organisations. In 2012-13 the key investment areas are:

    1. Email campaign management and marketing automation
    2. Development of company wide personalised content managed experiences for customers
    3. Social marketing strategy and insight

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