Screen Shot 2013-04-24 at 10.23.31I was asked back to Sitecore last week to host another webinar with Phil from Clerkswell where we discussed the benefits of personalisation and a strategic approach to developing your strategy for individualised experiences for your customers online.

The key content is taken from the Personalisation Whitepaper from 2012. Check out the recorded video of the webinar using this link http://bit.ly/11jJ8Tz

More details:

Personalization works – every consumer wants to know the organization they choose is listening to their requirements, and adapting to their individual needs. We can all remember examples of personal service, where an organization listened and responded well, where we were treated like an individual.

Consumers increasingly want personalized service through digital channels as well, but the personal service benchmark still remains offline in call centers or through direct customer contact with staff. Many brands see this as the next challenge, recent reports show that just 11% of brands believe that they are achieving some level of personalization online, but just under two thirds of brands want to move ahead with personalization within the next two years.

Post webinar Q&A session outputs can be found here.


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