Screen Shot 2013-05-10 at 16.55.31A little later than its usual date in March, The SIRikt 2013 conference takes place in Kranjska Gora, Slovenia the week of the 13-19 May this year. A prominent event on the use of ICT in education, the conference is aimed at pre-school teachers and their assistants, teachers, laboratory staff members, school directors, information scientists, IT experts, college and university professors, librarians, pupils, students and other users of ICT.Screen Shot 2013-05-14 at 13.10.44

I’ll be giving the opening plenary this year:

Social media in education – panacea or passing trend?

Twitter, YouTube and a galaxy of new arrivals in the social media space have transformed the way our social world works forever. With ICT now firmly on the schools agenda and delivering real results in classrooms, is widespread use of social media a natural and beneficial next step? How do we prepare our pupils and teachers to use it safely and in a focussed way? Can it be integrated into a nationally accepted approach to education? What are the key steps in preparing a social media strategy for schools or educational institutes?

I will also be co-chairing two events coving the work we are doing within the DOM – družabna omrežja (social media in education) programme. These are co presented with the programme team as part of the conference tracks themselves:

– DM project (National Project for Social Media Use in Education) workshops – a showcase of progress and outputs to date from the project started back in August 2012.

– The Social Media in Education Web Round Table http://www.sirikt.si/slo/spletna_okrogla_miza.html

And if that isn’t enough Dom for one conference, I shall also be DJing support for the utterly wonderful Manouche, a live Slovenian electro swing combo. True awesomeness right here:


Keep tabs on the #sirikt hashtag and watch for more updates!Screen Shot 2013-05-10 at 17.04.20


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