SScreen Shot 2013-05-19 at 20.29.10ome outputs from the SIRikt conference:

This is the official summary report film, including short piece on the work we are doing introducing a framework for social media use in schools at 1.30


Next up, a film of our presentation session where we outline the five major work-streams and audiences (National Institute, Principals, Schools engage community, Teacher training, Pedagogic approaches in class) in our change programme. Each of these streams is being led by a colleague locally within the organisations taking part as its important that this change is ‘owned and delivered’ by the people and institutions that are affected and will benefit from it.

Each work-stream team leader(s) ran through their objectives, progress to date, and plans for the medium term future:


Screen Shot 2013-05-19 at 20.30.39

Finally, the web round table that took place in advance of the formal opening where we invited an online audience to discuss and ask us (the panel) questions. Intro in Slovene but turns to English at around 0:30. Myself and colleague and friend Sue Keogh appearing, along with Conor Galvin and Andrej Tomšič, Information Comissioner.


Looks like we made the national Slovenian press too. This article in http://www.delo.si was briefly on the front page and takes a look at the project and features an interview with myself:


My plenary talk is now up online, here: http://www.sirikt.si/index.php?id=2875

(you will probably want to Google translate this page!)


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